Local Impedance Measurements in the Atria - A Comparative Simulation Study

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    Sketch of Contents
    Local impedance measurements in the atria and ventricles have been introduced recently to assess ablation lesion formation. A secondary field of application for impedance measurements is the estimation of substrate properties. Unfortunately, the measurement of local impedance in the atria is prone to interferences that are not yet understood well. In this thesis, local impedance measurement will be studied ex vivo to deduce the achievable benefit in future clinical settings.

    2020-05-05 ImpedanceSimulation

    Profile Requirements

    • interest in the simulation of electrophysiological catheters
    • mathematical understanding and / or background
    • previous experience in MATLAB and in working with the command line
    • scientific mindset

    The weighting of subtasks is open for adaption to individual strengths and interests.