Carpentry workshops organization

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The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBT) at KIT is looking for a student assistant to help organizing and giving Software Carpentry workshops, which aim at teaching basic lab skills and good practices for research computing.
The workshops are typically two days long. The standard curriculum for these workshops contains three topics: the Unix shell, version control with Git and programming with Python. The course is a hands-on training for beginners that covers the core skills needed to be productive in a small research team. Short tutorials alternate with practical exercises, and all instruction is done via live coding.

Your roles
  • Getting familiar with the content of the lessons and the software used during the workshops
  • Helping the learners individually and answering their questions during the workshops
  • Helping in the organizational parts of the workshops (preparation of the room, managing coffee breaks, …)
  • Optionally, teaching some parts of the workshops you feel comfortable with
Experience and knowledge
  • Hands-on experience with Python, Git and the Unix shell
  • Having experience using at least two different operating systems among Linux, MacOS and Windows would be a plus
Skills and abilities
  • Excellent communication and social skills: Carpentry workshops aim at being inclusive, respectful, mindful and welcoming.
  • Interest in knowledge sharing
  • Proficient English skills
Further opportunities

A Software Carpentry workshop is always taught by at least one officially certified instructor. We offer the opportunity to follow the certification course to motivated students, interested in a long-term involvement with us.

If you are interested or have questions, just drop by, give me a call, or send an email!