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Robin Andlauer

B.Sc. Robin Andlauer

room: 408
phone: +49 721 608 - 47296
fax: +49 721 608 - 42789
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Current thesis
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Robin Andlauer

Completed thesis
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Student research project

Robin Andlauer

Bachelor thesis

Robin Andlauer


1st place in student competition at the "DGBMT Anniversary (DACH) 2016 in Basel: 
Robin Andlauer, Axel Loewe, Olaf Dössel, Gunnar Seemann: "Effect of Left Atrial Hypertrophy on P-Wave Morphology in a Computational Model“
Rosanna Degani Young Investigator Award at the Conference „Computing in Cardiology“ 2016 at Vancouver (Kanada):
Robin Andlauer, Axel Loewe, Olaf Dössel, Gunnar Seemann, Pyotr Platonov: „Left Atrial Hypertrophy Increases P-Wave Terminal Force Through Amplitude but not Duration“