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M.Sc. Jorge Patricio Sánchez Arciniegas


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Conference Contributions (3)

J. Sánchez, B. Trénor, J. Saiz, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
In-silico adaptation of a myofibroblast electrophysiology model including intracellular calcium handling.
In BMT 2020, 2020
A. Loewe, G. Seemann, E. M. Wülfers, Y.-L. Huang, J. Sanchez, F. Bach, R. Ulrich, and M. Selber.
SuLMaSS - Sustainable Lifecycle Management for Scientific Software.
In E-Science-Tage 2019: Data to Knowledge, 2019
L. Azzolin, J. Sanchez, S. Schuler, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
Initiation and maintenance of re-entrant cardiac propagation: a computational vulnerability study.
In Gordon Research Conference - Cardiac Arrhythmia Mechanisms, 2019