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Yilun Su

M.Sc. Yilun Su

Research Associate
room: 507
phone: +49 721 608 - 41578
fax: +49 721 608 - 42789
yilun suTmn1∂kit edu

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Master thesis

Dorota Truchanowicz


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          2020 2017 [Alle]

Selected Publications

Conference Contributions (2)

Y. Su, M. Trappen, M. Blaicher, C. Koos, and W. Nahm.
A 3D resolution and aberration test target for confocal laser endomicroscopy.
In SPIE Photonics West, vol. 11229 1122919-1, 2020
Y. Su.
Simulation model for resolution and contrast analysis of microscopic images based on optical coherence contrast method.
In BMTMedPhys 2017, vol. 62(s1) , pp. S87, 2017