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Cardiac Electrophysiology and Tension Development

Our cardiac bidomain program is explained in detail here


Software Distribution kaTools


The software distribution kaTools offers basic classes and methods for the development of three-dimensional image processing and storage tools as well as of applications for numerical field calculation. The classes and methods were developed and used in different scientific projects, e.g. the MEET Man Project.

The distributions allows the development of platform independent, reliable and highly efficient tools, e.g. via diverse interprocess communication mechanisms and exceptions for error handling. Generally, the software is written in C++ using the libraries Trolltech Qt, OpenMP and MPI. A documentation in HTML, RTF and TEX format is generated by the documentation system doxygen.

Different packages were developed. Presently, the package kaLattice is provided for general use by the GNU lesser general public license.


Package kaLattice

The package kaLattice provides classes for handling of 3D data organized in a lattice. Variant methods allow the i/o of lattice data and the r/w access to lattice elements. Exemplary programs illustrated the usage of the classes. An interface to the visualization toolking VTK is provided allowing the visualization of and interaction with lattices.

[Notice: As of Dec 15th, 2008 there seem to be problems with accessing the official VTK website (http://www.vtk.org). Please try again later.]

Its main advantages over prior packages are:

  • lattice elements are templates, e.g. unsigned char, int, and float
  • lattice elements and geometric data is located in shared memory
  • error handling is performed by exceptions
  • compression algorithms (gzip, RLE) allow the efficient storage of lattices in files
  • geometrical information is included by a homogeneous matrix (4x4)
  • platform independence (tested on Linux, Irix, and Mac OsX)
  • Tests on MS Windows would be greatly appreciated.

The following packages of kaLattice version 0.95 are available here in the format "tar.gz":

Press the shift key then click on a link to down-load one of these files.

To uncompress the file kaLattice-0.??.tar.gz do:

gunzip kaLattice-0.??.tar.gz

The program gunzip is avaible at www.gzip.org.
To extract the file kaLattice-0.??.tar do:

tar xvf kaLattice-0.??.tar

The program tar is available e.g. at www.gnu.org/software/tar/tar.html.
To compile the exemplary programs do:

cd kaLattice

The program qmake is part of Trolltech's Qt described at www.trolltech.com.