Einfluss des endokardialen Stimulationsprofils auf die Morphologie des Oberflächen-EKGs

The importance of a realistic ventricular stimulation profile for the simulation of excitation conduction sequences is undisputed in the scientific community.

This student research project can be divided into 3 main tasks:
On the one hand an extensive literature survey should be performed in order to determine the key features that should be incoporated into a future excitation conduction network. The second task is to combine existing tools to a new framework that allows the automatic generation of stimulation profiles for the acCELLerate-based simulation environment. In a concluding working stage some of the previously identified key features of the cardiac conduction system should be varied and the impact of these variations on the body surface ecg should be determined.

A: an excitation conduction tree is shown where unconnected end points indicate endocardial stimulation sites. B: the endocardial stimulation points are visualized together with a sliced dataset of the ventricular anatomy.