Analysis and Registration of Clinical 3D Surface Data for the Personalization of Atrial Models

  • The dissertation work has been performed on the Topic ’Analysis of 3D activation time data for personalization of human atrial models’. In the initial phase, conduction velocity has been calculated for test environments in 2D and 3D planes, simulation data and then on clinical data. The simulation environments were created using fast marching level set method and cellular automaton, with different temporal resolutions. The output obtained from all the cases were then studied and comparision of conduction velocity was made to check the accuracy of method adopted for conduction velocity calculation.

    SDA Verma
    (Fig: CV representation on left atrium)

    The interpretation out of the results obtained during the study helps in obtaining the personalized human atrial model. This could help in patient specific study and therapy prediction, for example, individual model based ablation therapy and in future the arrhythmia study.