Separation, Analysis and classification of the cardiac dependent EIT signal component using an MRI based reconstruction model

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    Assessing the regional blood flow within the lung potentially helps to identify and treat pulmonary vascular diseases and might even support mechanical ventilation. Especially for guiding mechanical ventilation, bedside monitoring of both regional ventilation and pulmonary perfusion is desirable. Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a non- invasive imaging modality providing functional images of relative impedance changes induced by regional ventilation and blood volume changes, so-called cardiac induced impedance changes.

    In this project, a very small study shall be planned, conducted and executed comprising EIT,ECG and MRI data. An anatomically correct reconstruction model shall be created for a 2D EIT reconstruction. Additionally, the reconstructed cardiac dependent EIT signal components shall be analyzed and classification shall be performed to distinguish between different anatomical and phyiosological regions.