Investigation and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal ICG Fluorescence Signal of Intraoperative Angiography

  • This topic is embedded in the project of measuring blood flow intraoperativly with an optical system (surgical microscope). Measuring blood flow is important to assess the tissues perfusion. In case of hypoperfusion the function of the tissue cannot be maintained and irreversible damages are possible. To visualize the flow dynamics in the blood, Indo Cyanine Green is injected intravenously, the dyes’ fluorescence can be captured with an NIR camera.
    The spatio-temporal morphology of the fluorescence signal depends with some constraint on the volume flow of the liquid media. Analysis of the spatio-temporal morphology differences is main part of this work. Data will be recorded in a self-made set up containing a flow phantom with ICG injection and a recording system. Since no detailed flow profile of the fluids’ dynamic is available, a in silico simulation of the flow phantom will be implemented via COMSOL.