Automatic Optical Estimation of Vessel Diameter and Length Based on Preprocessed Segmentations

  • Motivation 
    Errors in the surgical treatment of neuro vascular diseases can result in fatality. Surgical assistance systems could reduce the probability of an error by extracting information from the recorded data, visualize it to the operator and further give suggestions. This would be very helpful for the surgeon, the surgical workflow and the quality of the surgery. One valuable information is the size of an object, in particular of a vessel (see figure below). This example shows an Aneurysm that should be clipped. Is the size of the clip chosen wrongly, occlusion of the vessel or leakage of the Aneurysma can appear. To prevent errors in the choice of the clip size, the size of the vessel should be determined. Here the segmentation of the vessel is assumed to be given.
    Objective is to support the operator with suggestions on marker locations to determine the vessels size as seen in the figure to the right.
    Project description
    This project consists of a literature research on basic optics (µm/pixel) and the extraction of geometrical parameters (length & diameter). The implementation is done in MATLAB.
    Developing algorithms for determining the vessels diameter and length are in focus of this project. As Input is a segmentation given.