Simulation and analysis of fluid-structure-interaction in the presence of plaque in the coronary artery

  • In this work, the initial finite element model of a coronary artery will be implemented, e.g. as a rigid tube. Using data provided by clinical measurements, the geometry of the plaque will be identified and implemented. Based on available toolboxes, a fluid-structure-interaction (FSI) implementation will be set up and executed. Considering variations of the plaque shape as well as a varied flow velocity, internal mechanical parameters, e.g. the shear stress occurring in the plaque will be analyzed. In cooperation with a cardiologist, the results will be evaluated and assigned according to a risk level.

    All in all the basic implementation of an FSI solver for the simulation of plaque in the coronary artery will be implemented, such that a simulation will be possible. First results will be available and analyzed.