Simulation of intracardiac potentials under atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a widespread cardiac arrhythmia that requires either pharmacological or interventional treatment. Computer models simulating AF have already been developed using anatomical and physiological reference datasets. Personalization of these models using MR images as well as multichannel ECG and intracardiac catheter measurements could assist the cardiologists in therapy planning of minimally invasive ablation procedures. In a first step, this requires good knowledge about the interrelation between simulated and measured intracardiac potentials under AF.

The aim of this work is to simulate AF using the existing models (including the Visible Female anatomical dataset) and to extract simulated catheter potentials at selected points. The simulated potentials can be analyzed in terms of qualitative correlation with clinically measured signals. Several refinement methods will be tested in order to improve simulation quality. An optimal procedure for the simulation and extraction of catheter signals under AF should be proposed in the end.