Professional world of medical technology

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Professional world of medical technology

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Field of Specialization 3: Biomedical Engineering

PosterMedical engineering is the development of machines, systems or software, which help sick or injured people. By using engineering methods and technology, we aim to identify diseases earlier, medicate them better and more exactly and ease the life of patients or handicapped persons.

Specifically interesting about the field of specialization is the interdisciplinary cooperation with health professionals on the one hand and developers from industry on the other hand. Different manners of speaking and ways of thinking are to be brought together. Everyone who does a bachelor or master thesis at our institute will not only tackle scientific challenges, but also gain a lot of experience for their later career.

Within the mandatory courses of the specialization, students gain knowledge on how electrocardiographic systems or magnetic resonance tomographs work. The basic knowledge of physiology bridges to medical science. The practical course or team project gives the student the needed "hands-on experience". The elective courses allow you to focus on one or two methods you want to apply in the field of biomedical engineering in your professional career. The current curriculum for your program can be found on the web page of the department. You should make a counseling appointment during your first master term (preferably at the beginning) with one of the advisors for this field of specialization (see below) to discuss your indidivual schedule.

We provide attractive theses projects for engineers and related fields who like to work with hardware as well as for those who want to develop software. Our fields of research comprise:

  • ECG and electrogram signal analysis
  • Anatomical modeling
  • Electrophysiology of cardiac ion channels, cells and tissue
  • Cardiac biomechanics
  • Numerical field calculation
  • In vivo histology
  • Camera based diagnosis
  • Object recognition and event classification

Take a look at our homepage. Professor Dössel, Prof. Nahm, as well as the whole team at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering are always happy to welcome interested guests.

Advisors for this field of specialization:
M.Sc. Miriam Weiß,
PD Dr. -Ing. Axel Loewe,
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Werner Nahm

Medicine Meets Technology


Welcome to the Institute for Biomedical Technology! In the following videos you will learn something about the degree course in electrical engineering and information technology (specialization in biomedical technology) at KIT and get an insight into the work at our institute. After a more general part, we would like to deal with three different areas of work: Bioelectric signals, heart modeling and optical technologies in medicine. We will present a small application example for each of these work areas.