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Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Dössel 
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Werner Nahm

Postal address:
Kaiserstr. 12
76131 Karlsruhe

Visitor / Delivery address:
Building 30.33
Fritz-Haber-Weg 1
76131 Karlsruhe

Fon: +49 721 608-42650
Fax: +49 721 608-42789
E-Mail: infoUbg5∂ibt kit edu


At present no presentation is planned.

Engineering for Health

Welcome to the web page of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBT) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). For more than 50 years we have been active in research and teaching in the field of biomedical engineering.

In interdisciplinary projects together with medical doctors and medical industry, we investigate new technical systems that help to diagnose diseases earlier and more accurately as well as systems that make therapies more successful.

The main focus of the research program of Prof. Dr. Olaf Dössel is the analysis of biosignals from the heart (ECG and electrograms), the imaging of electrophysiological sources in the heart (ECG imaging), computer modeling of the heart and numerical field calculation in the human body.

The area of research of Prof. Dr. Werner Nahm's group is optical systems in medicine and life sciences. Current projects are focussing on surgical visualization and optical diagnosis.



LEN Examination Revision

The revision of the LEN examination of the winter term 17/18 takes place
on 06/06/2018
from 2 pm to 5:30 pm
in the Jordan lecture hall, Building 20.40 (Architectural Hall)

News 2018-05-09
Novel Method for Real Time Assessment of Treatment Efficacy

IBT researchers published a novel method for the immediate assessment of successful treatment together with physicians from the University Heart Centre Freiburg · Bad Krozingen in the journal "JACC Clinical Electrophysiology". The ECG-based method is used to evaluate the completeness of an anterior mitral line during ablation for atrial flutter in the left atrium. Thanks to this new method, the duration of the invasive procedure might shorten markedly and the success rate might increase in future. The clinical study was complemented and fortified by computer simulations performed at IBT.

Excursion to the cardiac catheterization lab

Last Thursday, research assistants of IBT and IANM visited the cardiac catheterization lab at the Städtische Klinikum Karlsruhe. Dr. Armin Luik and Prof. Dr. Claus Schmitt provided some useful insight into the electrophysiological unit and drew our attention to current scientific questions, which are of major importance to our joint projects.

Zeiss & KIT
ZEISS and KIT Robotics Innovation Competition

Health care technology and application are focus areas of the Zeiss-KIT joint Robotics Innovation Competition.

Technologies (Health Care)
• Tracking and referencing
• Smart instruments as control module
• Real-time control with sensor feedback
• Reinforcement Learning
Application (Health Care)
• Microsurgery, e.g. Resection of tumorous tissue
• Ophtalmology, e.g. Interventions on the retina
• Surgery process, e.g. Recognition of persons, role and situations

ZEISS and KIT Robotics Innovation Competition
Werner Nahm im Interview
Interview with Werner Nahm

Interview with Werner Nahm on optical technologies in medicine (medizin&technik 2/2018)

Olaf Dössel appointed Fellow of the EAMBES

Prof. Dr. Olaf Dössel was appointed Fellow of the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Science.
In the document it says: „In recognition of distinguished leadership and important contributions to research and advocacy of Medical and Biological Engineering and Science“.
The document was given on the occation of a meeting on 13rd of March 2017 in London.

EAMBES Fellows