Karlsruhe Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (K-TBE)

The Karlsruhe Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (KTBE) are a book series published by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBT). Volumes are published in irregular intervals at KIT Scientific Publishing under a Creative Commons (CC) licence. You can download the PDFs for free, as well as order regular book versions of the volumes at KIT Scientific Publishing.

Published Volumes

25. Sánchez Arciniegas, Jorge Patricio, 2022
A Multiscale In Silico Study to Characterize the Atrial Electrical Activity of Patients With Atrial Fibrillation : A Translational Study to Guide Ablation Therapy
[ISBN: 9783731511700] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

24. Stefan Pollnow, 2019
Characterizing Cardiac Electrophysiology during Radiofrequency Ablation : An Integrative Ex vivo, In silico, and In vivo Approach
[ISBN: 9783731508861] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

23. Axel Loewe, 2016
Modeling Human Atrial Patho-Electrophysiology from Ion Channels to ECG - Substrates, Pharmacology, Vulnerability, and P-Waves
[ISBN: 9783731505280] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

22. Walther H. W. Schulze, 2015
ECG imaging of ventricular activity in clinical applications
[ISBN: 9783731503743] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

21. Matthias Keller, 2014
Formation of Intracardiac Electrograms under Physiological and Pathological Conditions
[ISBN: 9783731502289]  [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

20. Mathias Wilhelms, 2013
Multiscale Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology : Adaptation to Atrial and Ventricular Rhythm Disorders and Pharmacological Treatment
[ISBN: 9783731500452]  [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

19. Martin W. Krueger, 2013
Personalized Multi-Scale Atrial Modelling: Heterogeneities, Fiber Architecture, Hemodialysis and Ablation Therapy
[ISBN: 9783866449480]  [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

18. Tobias Baas, 2012
ECG Based Analysis of the Ventricular Repolarisation in the Human Heart
[ISBN: 9783866448827] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

17. Christopher Schilling, 2012
Analysis of Atrial Electrograms
[ISBN: 9783866448940] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

16. Hanno Homann, 2012
SAR Prediction and SAR Management for Parallel Transmit MRI
[ISBN: 9783866448001] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

15. Julia Bohnert, 2012
Effects of Time-Varying Magnetic Fields in the Frequency Range 1 kHz to 100 kHz upon the Human Body : Numerical Studies and Stimulation Experiment 
[ISBN: 9783866447820] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

14. Oussama Jarousse, 2012
Modified mass-spring system for physically based deformation modeling
[ISBN: 978386644742-4] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

13. David U. J. Keller, 2011
Multiscale Modeling of the Ventricles: From Cellular Electrophysiology to Body Surface Electrocardiograms
[ISBN: 9783866447141] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

12. Frank M. Weber, 2011
Personalizing Simulations of the Human Atria : Intracardiac Measurements, Tissue Conductivities, and Cellular Electrophysiology
[ISBN: 9783866446465] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

11. Tobias Voigt, 2011, 2016
Quantitative MR Imaging of the Electric Properties and Local SAR based on Improved RF Transmit Field Mapping 
[ISBN: 9783866445987] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

10. Sebastian Seitz, 2011
Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Patients with Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers
[ISBN: 9783866446106] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

9. Yuan Jiang, 2010
Solving the inverse problem of electrocardiography in a realistic environment 
[ISBN: 9783866444867] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

8. Daniel Unholtz, 2009
Optische Oberflächensignalmessung mit Mikrolinsen-Detektoren für die Kleintierbildgebung
[ISBN: 9783866444232] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

7. Frank Kreuder, 2009
2D-3D-Registrierung mit Parameterentkopplung für die Patientenlagerung in der Strahlentherapie
[ISBN: 9783866443761] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

6. Raz Miri, 2009
Computer assisted optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy
[ISBN: 9783866443600] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

5. Jörn Thiele, 2008
Optische und mechanische Messungen von elektrophysiologischen Vorgängen im Myokardgewebe 
[ISBN: 9783866442405] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

4. Dmytro Farina, 2008
Forward and inverse problems of electrocardiography : clinical investigations
[ISBN: 9783866442191] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

3. Antoun Khawaja, 2007
Automatic ECG analysis using principal component analysis and wavelet transformation
[ISBN: 9783866441323] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

2. Matthias Reumann, 2007
Computer assisted optimisation on non-pharmacological treatment of congestive heart failure and supraventricular arrhythmia 
[ISBN: 9783866441224] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]

1. Gunnar Seemann, 2005
Modeling of electrophysiology and tension development in the human heart
[ISBN: 9783937300665] [PDF Download (free)] [buy book]