Axel Loewe

PD Dr.-Ing. Axel Loewe

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Computational Cardiac Modeling

I am a research enthusiast leading an interdisciplinary team dedicated to develop computational models of the human heart using engineering methods of software engineering, algorithmics, numerics, signal processing, data analysis, and machine learning.
In my group, we apply the models in simulation studies and translate them into clinical application to generate benefit for patients and society by 

  • building individualized digital twin models of patients to personalize medicine and leverage the potential of digital tools,
  • optimizing existing and exploring new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches including artificial intelligence based on a synergy of simulated data and clinical information,
  • unraveling fundamental physiological and disease mechanisms with implications for clinical care.

Details regarding specific projects can be found on the page of my group. My research is rooted in a network of excellent local and international collaborations, is published in renowned scientific journals and recognized by funding agencies and outstanding awards. I enjoy outreach and dissemination to the interested public and advocate open science and the research software engineer profession.