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M.Sc. Ekaterina Kovacheva

Research Associate
room: 519
phone: +49 721 608 - 47183
fax: +49 721 608 - 42789
ekaterina kovachevaYce9∂kit edu

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Marc Alexander Fritz

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B.Sc. Armin Müller

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B.Sc. Larissa Hütter

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B.Sc. Armin Müller


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          2018 [All]

Selected Publications

Conference Contributions (4)

E. Kovacheva, S. Schuler, T. Gerach, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
A Method for Pressure-Volume-Based Parameter Identification for a Passive Constitutive Model of Myocardium.
In RISM Congress: iHEART - Modelling the Cardiac Function, 2019
E. Kovacheva, L. Baron, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
Electro-Mechanical Delay in the Human Heart: A Study on a Simple Geometry.
In Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), vol. 45, 2018
T. Fritz, E. Kovacheva, G. Seemann, O. Dössel, and A. Loewe.
The inverse problem of cardiac mechanics - estimation of cardiac active stress from endocardial motion tracking.
In Computational & Mathematical Biomedical Engineering Proceedings, vol. 1, pp. 91-95, 2019
A. Müller, E. Kovacheva, S. Schuler, O. Dössel, and L. Baron.
Effects of local activation times on the tension development of human cardiomyocytes in a computational model.
In Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, vol. 4(1) , pp. 247-250, 2018


Bill and Gary Sanders Poster Award, Conference "Computing in Cardiology" 2018 in Maastricht (The Netherlands)
Ekaterina Kovacheva, Lukas Baron, Olaf Dössel, Axel Loewe: "Electro-Mechanical Delay in the Human Heart: A Study on a Simple Geometry"