Optimization of the Measurement Setup and the Guessed Model of a Microwave Tomography System for imaging experimental Measurement Data

  • Stroke and TBI is one of the main causes of death in modern society. Regarding hem- orrhagic stroke and other intracranial bleeding, fast and mobile imaging technology is in focus of development to support reliable information on the patients disease. Microwave tomography is a promising technology for future use in intracranial diagnostics. Beside the abdication of X-rays, this development should be mobile and provide real-time mea- surement supporting the right decision for the correct hospital care.

    The measurement of complex permittivity values is the recommended information for final image results. Beside the measurement setup, development of image reconstruction algorithms and optimization of nonlinear solvers are in focus of current research. In this project, Gauss-Newton-Optimization is used for approximation. MEEP is used for the forward calculation of the propagating field. Regarding an existing framework, PETSc should implemented for the most important software features like, calculation of Jacobian, preconditioning and Gauss-Newton implementation with line search algorithm and regularization. Optimization for hardware framework should be investigated and optionally implemented by proof.