Biomedizinische Messtechnik II

  • type: Written examination
  • lectures: Biomedizinische Messtechnik II
  • place: Bldg. 50.35 Fasanengarten-Hörsaal (HS a. F.)
  • date: 8/30/2021
  • time: 08:00
  • duration: 1 h
  • examiner:

    Prof. Dr. Nahm

  • results:

    The date will be announced during the examination.

  • revisions:

    The date will be published with the results.

  • registration:

    Deadline: Aug/15/2021

    Students register at the KIT-Studierendenportal:

    Bring student identity card to the examination!

To bring

Please bring a calculator to the exam.