Course "Introduction to the Scientific Method"/ Einführung in die wissenschaftliche Methode

Welcome to the seminar
The seminar is a block event with limited number of participants and takes place on 6 consecutive dates.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8.
Admission to the course only on request.
A brief motivation must be attached to the application. What do you expect from this seminar?

The seminar is a combination of lecturer presentations and group discussion, as well as student presentations and group discussions
The block course consists of three parts:
Part 1: Basics and presentation of the method
Part 2: Applying the method to the analysis of selected examples
Part 3: Application of the method to structure your own research topic

The seminar deals with the questions:
what is science?
what is scientificy?
what is the scientific method?
what is a scientific design?

The seminar sheds light on classical and modern approaches to the theory of science, in particular critical rationalism.
The seminar develops definitions and delimitations of the terms:
- Research topic
- Research question
- Thesis
- Hypothesis
- Assumption
- Theory

The seminar develops a simple and practicable recipe for the scientific design of publications, theses and dissertations.
The cooking recipe is used by the seminar participants to analyze selected scientific work, as well as to structure their own scientific work.

The examination is carried out by giving two presentations.
The seminar is assessed as passed if the presentations are successfully submitted and presented.

For more information have a look to the ILIAS online seminar.