Design, Set Up and Execution of a Study to Assess the Volume Flow of a Blood Analogue in a Flow Phantom

  • Motivation 
    Vascular malfunction can be treated differently, either by medication or by a vascular surgery. These treatments aim to restore the vascular function, namely the sufficient transport of blood. In both cases a check of blood flow needs to be done before and after the treatment. Especially in case of a surgical intervention a reliable method is needed to assess the vascular function intraoperatively. Flow probes are bulky and need to get into tissue contact to measure the flow. An alternative is computing the flow from the optical signals captured by the microscope’s camera. To evaluate the suitability of this ap-proach tests are needed in a standardized environment. Therefore, a flow phantom was set up and can be used to record data and subsequently analyze the recordings.

    Project description
    The project consists of a literature research on different flow measurement techniques. An experimental study needs to be set up, conducted and evaluated. The institutes model perhaps needs to be extended to the requirements set up beforehand. Algorithms for the analysis need to be set up. The implementa-tion is done in MATLAB.