Professional world of medical technology

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Professional world of medical technology

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Medicine Meets Technology


Welcome to the Institute for Biomedical Technology! In the following videos you will learn something about the degree course in electrical engineering and information technology (specialization in biomedical technology) at KIT and get an insight into the work at our institute. After a more general part, we would like to deal with three different areas of work: Bioelectric signals, heart modeling and optical technologies in medicine. We will present a small application example for each of these work areas.

Vorlesungen KIT-IBT

Studentische Arbeiten KIT-IBT
Student Theses

Prüfung KIT-IBT

Vertiefungsrichtung Biomedizinische Technik KIT-IBT
Specialization Biomedical Engineering


KIT - Academic Calendar

All of our lectures will take place in person.

All IBT lectures will take place in person in the winter semester 21/22. For some lectures, further information is available in ILIAS.
A live stream and lecture recording is also offered for some lectures.

All students interested in our courses should join the relevant work areas in ILIAS (no password required). Detailed information on the teaching concept, dial-up options, communication channels, etc. is then communicated via ILIAS for each course. Direct links to the individual ILIAS work areas will soon be found on the respective lecture pages on the IBT homepage.


Lecture times at KIT  (Link)


Lectures at IBT

Summer Term 24
Titel target group type place time start lecturer
Bachelor medical technology / Master lecture
Master Vorlesung & Seminar & Labor See IRS
Master Internship 16.Apr.2024
Bachelor, Master, PhD seminar 18.Jun.2024
Master Lecture 15.Apr.2024
Master Lecture 18.Apr.2024

PD Dr. Ruiter

Master Lecture 18.Apr.2024
Master Lecture 18.Apr.2024

Prof. Dr. Maul
Prof. Dr. Doerfel

Master Lecture 23.Apr.2024
Master Lecture 16.Apr.2024
Master Lecture 17.Apr.2024
Winter Term 23/24
title target group type place time start lecturer
Bachelor, Master, PhD Seminar (S) 07.Nov.2023
Seminar (S) 09.Jan.2024
Master Lecture

ZEISS Innovation Hub (6.OG)

Bachelor / Master Lecture 24.Okt.2023
Master Lecture 26.Okt.2023

Prof. Dr. med. Maul

Bachelor medical technology / Master lecture
Bachelor / Master Lecture 25.Okt.2023
Master Lecture 24.Okt.2023
Bachelor Lecture 25.Okt.2023

PD Dr. Breustedt

Master Lecture 26.Okt.2023

Dr. Ruiter

Master Lecture 24.Okt.2023
Bachelor, Master, PhD Seminar

IBT room. See Inst. billboard

Master Seminar 24.Okt.2023
Master Vorlesung & Seminar & Labor See IRS
Bachelor Exkursion 24.10.2023
Bachelor Seminar 25.10.2023
Bachelor Internship

The workshop takes place parallel to the lectures Biomedical Measurement Technology 1 and Medical Imaging Technology 1.

Seminar 26.10.2023
Bachelor Lecture See IMS lecture page