MEET Man Project

MEET Man Project

Models for Simulation of Electromagnetic, Elastomechanic and Thermic Behaviour of Man



New possibilities in the area of simulating complex physical behaviour lead to a growing interest in suitable models. In contrast to the modeling of technical objects, which is supported by common CAD-Tools, the modeling of the human body is a new challenge. MEET Man is a realistic, anatomical model of the human body extended by descriptions of physical attributes, eg electric conductivity and permitivity, magnetic permeability, thermal and elastomechanic properties. MEET Man was created by usage of methods of digital image processing outgoing from the computertomographic scans and thin-sections photos of a human body. These originate from the Visible Human Project of the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland.

MEET Man allows the numerical calculation of physical fields in the human body. Thereby a diversity of questions can be answered:
  • Optimization of therapeutic and diagnostic methods, eg electrotherapy and hyperthermy
  • Research on the risks of "electrosmog"
  • Planning and simulation of surgical interventions
MEET Man puts to disposal all common representations of models for numerical calculation methods:
  • Volume oriented models on the base of tetrahedrons, cuboids and octtrees
  • Surface oriented models basing on triangles and rectangles
Therefore MEET Man allows the usage of a variety of numerical calculation methods:
  • Finite elemente method
  • Finite difference method
  • Finite integration techniques
  • Boundary elemente method
MEET Man is scalable for the diverse applications in a wide range:
  • Resolution in submillimeter area
  • High tissue differentation
  • Adaptive model refinement
  • Inclusion of anisotropic tissues

Visualization of Anatomy




Visualization of Muscle Fibre Orientation





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The anatomical models of the MEET Man project are distributed by Medical Virtual Reality Studio GmbH - Lörrach.